​Is there even a thing called “credit cards for good credit” or low interest credit cards or are they just a hoax? People seem to believe in them and their utility a lot. This is the reason they are gaining a lot of popularity every day. But what exactly does it mean to have a credit card that has no annual fee at all? Let’s explain it in simple words. When you hear the term, “no annual fee” credit card, know that you’re not charged an annual fee just to own the card in the first place. But even though they don’t have any cost associated with them, they will still offer you a lot of significant rewards such as frequent cash back or points or miles earned on various purchases.

Experts say that you can actually get your annual credit card fee waived and the only thing that you have to do is ask. There are many cards in the market still that come with an annual fee. This is true especially if they have a very lucrative rewards program up their sleeve. If your card too has an annual fee, it's always worth a shot to ask the carrier and find out if they'll waive it. 

A very critical question that must be making rounds in your head is whether or not these credit cards for good credit or no annual fee are even worth it. For example if you have a credit card that has an annual fee of $90 and unlimited 5% cash back on grocery stores, you can avail a lot of benefits. If you tend to spend $10,000 on groceries every year, your net rewards would to be $500 - $90 which is $410. This makes the card worth the value you spend because the card's rewards cover its annual fee very well. 

You Know There Are Some Really Effective Ways To Evade Your Credit Card's Annual Fee? 

  • Ask your carrier for the annual fee to be waived
  • Give them an ultimatum
  • You can pick credit cards that waive the first year’s annual fee 
  • You can choose to downgrade your card
  • Many people also use rewards to pay their annual fee

How Do Low Interest Credit Cards Help You Out?​